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Private Yoga Instruction

Deepen Your Practice 

Ever wonder in a group class if you are doing things right? How is your alignment? Why are some poses easy and others difficult? Spend an hour getting one-on-one instruction to deepen your practice.


I love the opportunity to offer students individual instruction to suit your own needs and address specific concerns.

Your session will start with an initial assessment of your goals as well as your ability and range of motion. We will then tailor a practice just for you that can be done as a home practice.


Contact Malory for additional questions.

Individual Session  $85/hr                        4-Session Package  $80/hr                8-Session Package $75/hr

Initial assessment &  lesson tailored                             Customized yoga sequences to develop            On-going support to refine your yoga

to your skill level and body needs.                                your own home yoga routine                               and solidify a home practice

                                                                                       + handouts                                                          + handouts and journal

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