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Welcome to Yoga Dojo.

Classes are designed around a gentle approach to yoga meeting each student where they are.  Focus is paid to foundational poses with proper body alignment. We progress to adding vinyasa flow from one pose to another, through sun salutations and end with restorative, settling poses.  


Online Learning

During the pandemic we have transitioned

to online learning. Please enroll in my course

"4 Yoga Poses Everyone Should Know"

on Teachable through Aikido University.


What Happens in Yoga Fight Club, Stays in Yoga Fight Club


Yoga and the martial art of aikido share the

goal of a tension-free body that uses energy

wisely and efficiently. Aikido has been

referred to as "moving meditation while under

attack." Yoga has warrior poses. What do they

have in common? In this workshop, Malory

Graham, yoga instructor and 6th degree

black belt with 30 years in aikido, will look at

both arts as ways to get out of your head and inhabit the body. Both practices strive to awaken energy, connect us with our center and cultivate the skill of relaxing under pressure. We'll look at yoga poses that support a deeper understanding of aikido and martial awareness. If you are a martial artist this session will give you some easily actionable exercises for developing more flexibility and core strength. If you are a yogi, this session will add a little badass to your warrior pose.


Deepen Your Practice -- Individual Private Yoga 

Ever wonder in a group class if you are doing things right? How is your alignment? Why are some poses easy and others difficult? Spend an hour getting one-on-one instruction to deepen your practice. I love the opportunity to offer students individual instruction to suit your own needs and address specific concerns. Contact Malory for more details.



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